Thank you for being my best friends


This past weekend my best friends and I decided to take a trip to Vegas. It was filled with a spectrum of emotions and actions; many of which we had never experienced before! On our way back home we made a stop to visit on of my best friend’s family members. Seeing this made me feel so much more than the entire trip combined.

1 photo-8

The picture is simple. It was still morning time and the barbie’s were “sleeping.” Maybe it was the exhaustion, maybe it’s the fact that these are the last few days I will have with my friends for awhile, or maybe it’s my love for observation…but I had to capture the moment as best I could.  I believe it served as a reminder of the 12 plus years I’ve known my friends and what those years have included.

A child’s mind is so beautiful! I could talk days about children but I think everyone would agree; to watch a child grow is an honor.

What is even more of a blessing is knowing I have these three amazing friends who continue to grow with me. Since we were children playing with barbies, we’ve grown together.

We’ve watched each other soar. We’ve watched each other fall. We listened to each other’s beliefs and life mottos, to each other’s stories, adventures. And although it hurts that I’m going to be so far from them (for a current amount of time that feels like forever) there are a few things I will always know for sure:

I am so proud of the children we were and the women we have become.  I will always, always, love you with everything I am.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for being my best friends.


2 thoughts on “Thank you for being my best friends

  1. Aww my love I am going to miss you ❤️ I feel spoiled for having you in my life I wouldn’t be the same person I am today if it wasn’t for you and the girls. Those poor costa rican’s have no idea what’s about to hit them lol! This isn’t bye for ever I’m excited for your new adventure.

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